In March 2018 the Town Council began recording its public meetings.

This is all in the interests of making the council more transparent.

If you are present at a council meeting, and do not want to be recorded, you will have to leave the meeting.

If you stay, it will be assumed you have no objection to anything you say, or any noise you make, being recorded for the public record.

You can access the recordings below. Just click the Play arrowhead on the left to hear them.

You may need to turn up your volume at certain points.

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18 September 2018 – Burnham Town Council Meeting

(Subjects include: Temp Clerk Jo Jeffrey, new Deputy Clerk (RFO) Diane Carter, Devonshire Road parking, Mayor’s diary, Town cup, Quay Day. Environment report: weeding, litter pick, Hester Place, Sunset Point Observatory, town pontoon, Burnham chapel, Tommy statue, Remembrance Ave trees, tree officer Jean Evans. Highways Report: potholes, streetlights, station car park, Providence Rd car park, St Cuthbert’s sign, Millfields,  Pippins footpath, NDP Neighbourhood development plan printed. District councillors reports. Town Councillor reports: BMX money from 106, Vanguard Foundation Trust, Crystal Radio, Quay Day,  Maverick and the River Rats, Haul Road, Marsh road access, town calendar. Accounts & Grants. Surgeries. Community Action Panel. Dengie Hundred Group of Parish Councils. Police Specials. Public Forum. Staffing committee. Carnival. Informal planning discussions. Devonshire Road parking. Memorial book. Town Benches and memorial trees. Allotments. Providence Car Park. Station Car Park. Town Mayor’s chain. AOB. Questions: Springfield land sale and the MDC, Maldon & Burnham Standard lose its photographer.)

24 July 2018 – Burnham Town Council Meeting

26 June 2018 – Burnham Town Council Meeting

29 May 2018 – Burnham Town Council Meeting

24 April 2018 – Annual Town Meeting

9 April, 2018 – Statutory Annual Town Council Meeting (Mayoral Election):

13 March 2018 – Burnham Town Council Meeting