In March 2018 the Town Council began recording its public meetings. The primary reason for audio recordings is to provide transparency.

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If you are present at a council meeting,  it will be assumed you have no objection to anything you say, or any noise you make, being recorded for the public record. If you do not want to be recorded, you will have to leave the meeting. 

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23 July 2019 – Statutory Meeting

Due to a technical error, there is no recording of this meeting.

For more details on what was talked about, click here for the Agenda for this date.

See also the written minutes (these sometimes take a couple of weeks to compile).

05 Jun 2019 – Burnham Town Council Meeting

Includes: 3. Town Mayor’s Report – Burnham Primary School Diversity Bronze Award, Rotary 10K Run, Crouch Ridge Vineyard wine tasting, Brightlingsea Cinque Port Blessing of the Waters, 4. CO-OPTION OF COUNCILLORS, Tim Aves, Fiona Clegg, Jane English, Rosemary Rodgers, break for private discussion between councillors about the candidates’ merits, VOTE, (swearing in of Fiona Clegg and Jane English NOT recorded), resumption of council business, 7. Public Participation, 8. Town Clerk’s Report – Station Road Zebra Crossing, Maldon Citizens’ Advice, Mayor of Maldon, Moat Foundation at Station House, Allotments, 10 Co-ordinators Reports, a) General Purposes – MDC refund, b) Highways – Southminster Road lights, Fernlea Rd broken lamppost, High Street Pothole – major work, No through road sign in Coronation Road, Remembrance Avenue – no through road, junction road paint, repair, footpaths, St Cuthbert’s sign £4,500… Millfields yellow lines, Events Banner over bridge, footpaths & quay, c) Environment – Cemetery cutting grass, Dog bins, planting at station and town entrances, generosity from the Limes, memorial benches, MDC – Clothes bank and refund, 12. Town Council Representative’s reports – Allotments, Burnham Green spaces, Carnival, Community Action Panel (CAP), Dengie Hundred Bus Users, etc, 13. Accounts, 14. Grants – Art trail, Burnham Day centre, 15. Town Council Surgeries, 16. Council Appointments – Staffing Committee, NDP strategy, Dengie 100 Group of Parish Councils, Tourism,. CAP, Green Spaces, Footpaths, Tree Warden. Conservation Area, 17. MDC Service Delivery – Burnham Observatory working group, 18. Complaint against MDC re NDP and Tinker’s Hole Retirement Complex, 19. County Councillor Surgery, Station House, 21. Public Forum – Ken Harris – Flashing lights on bridge, Foundry Lane parking problems.

For more details on what was talked about, click here for the Agenda for this date.

See also the written minutes (these sometimes take a couple of weeks to compile).


28 May 2019 – ANNUAL TOWN Meeting

Includes: 4. Annual Report (Mayor), 5. Maldon District Council report, (Annual savings, cuts, Hester Place, green spaces) Llys Helig, 6. Essex County Council report (mental health, footpaths, County Lines, monthly surgery), 8. Public forum – Community Infrastructure Levy and 106 planning agreements, recycling, Neighbourhood Development Plan, speed limit signs, tourism signage, cleaning up for tourism – bins, seats, new development and spare spaces at schools, police representatives at the Annual town meeting, Cycle access along Marsh Road.

For more details on what was talked about, click here for the Agenda for this date.

See also the written minutes (these sometimes take a couple of weeks to compile).

15 May 2019 – Statutory Annual Town Council Meeting

Includes: 1 Town Mayor Election (Cllr. Wendy Stamp), 3 Deputy Town Mayor Election (Cllr. Nick Skeens), 5 Declarations of Interests, 6 Disclosable Pecuniary Interests, 7 Town Mayor’s Allowance, 8 Town Council Committees (streamlined), 9 Council Representatives on External organisations / bodies, 10 Internal Office appointments, 11 Banking Arrangements, 12 School Governors, 13 Annual Subscriptions, 14 Deed and Trust Instruments, 15 Meeting attendance record, 16 Co-option of Councillors

For more details on what was talked about, click here for the Agenda for this date.

See also the written minutes (these sometimes take a couple of weeks to compile).

16 Apr 2019 – Burnham Town Council Meeting

Includes, in this order: 6. Public Participation: 7. Town Clerk’s Report: Crouch Valley food and drink festival, Future High St fund, New Community fund, 9. Coordinators’ Reports: General Purposes: council office nearly finished, Highways: Street light outside council offices. Foundry Lane yellow lines, building development and traffic lights – removal at the weekends, Planning notice cable ties an issue. Environment – Grass cutting – bringing it to Burnham, dog lead quayside signs between RCYC and Riverside Park, NDP: No 106 officer, MDC transition / transformation following budget cuts, 10. District Councillors’ Reports: Llys Helig (Burnham Titanic) 4 new houseboat berths, best recycling rates in the country, 11. Town Council Representatives Reports: Chamber of Commerce Social Media meeting 29th May, CAP – leaflets to the Library, 12. Accounts & Finances, 13. Grants & Donations, Burnham Young Mariners. Burnham Week, Rotary 10k Charity run, Art Trail, 15. Volunteers in policing, 16. Allotments Moat / MDC, 17. Tourist Information Centre – wrong information from MDC, 18. Burnham Observatory / Sculpture Trail – wrong information from MDC, 19. Website: agreeing annual budget, including upgrade to google, 21. Plastic Free Burnham, 22. Hanging Baskets, 23. Moat & the Station House, 24. Planning Meetings – some on Mondays,recording them in future, 27. Public forum – youth facilities, caravan park in Riverside Park, plastic recycling, council emails.

For more details on what was talked about, click here for the Agenda for this date.

See also the written minutes (these sometimes take a couple of weeks to compile).

19 Mar 2019 – Burnham Town Council Meeting

Includes, in this order: 3. Dawn Wood – Solo Atlantic Rower –  presentation, speech & applause, 7. Public Questions re agenda, 8. Town Mayor’s report: motorbikes, Cabin Dairy, Downhall Residential Home in Bradwell, Royal Corinthian Yacht Club, ECC Civic Service Chelmsford Cathedral, High Sherriff’s Essex Community Foundation Awards, Jack Sheppard’s funeral, Burnham Civic Receptions, awards, Town Clerk’s ReportCrouch Valley Festival of Food & Drink, Maldon Volunteers, Moat Foundation on-line help, British Weights & Measures, Maldon District Corporate Five Year Plan, EALC, Notice of Elections, Tinker’s Hole Retirement Complex (OUT/MAL/00443), Letter from MDC, 10. Coordinators Reports: General Purposes: Office nearly completed, Highways Report: Tesco Belisha beacons, Street lights, Southminster road footpath, St Cuthbert’s sign, 20 mph speed limit proposed for High Street & Church Road, Environment Report, Neighbourhood Development Plan, 11. District Councillors reports: Police recording all cars in and out of the Dengie, 46,000 vehicles with legal issues, Heybridge development – the 1000 homes & flood risk, 106 Agreements – some £120K owed to Burnham for play equipment, plus 59k for health provision. 12. Town Councillor Reports: Allotments – Defib unit, Carnival Committee, Banner over Station Road, Chamber of Commerce, Three Rivers funding, Friends of Hester Place – clearing, pond, bat boxes, Park Rangers, 13. Accounts, 14. Grants & Donations, Green Spaces, Epic Dance Academy, Burnham Sailing Club trolley, Burnham Music Group, 15. Town Council Surgery, 18. Railway Bridge Task Force, 19. Allotments – meeting MDC, 20. Tourist Information Centre, 21. Burnham Observatory supported over Sculpture Trail, 22. Local Bus consultation, 23. Chelmsford Park & Ride Consultation, 24. Allotments – scalping, hedge bordering Pippins, chain link, 25. Citizen’s Advice support, 26. junior litter pickers, 28. Public Forum – nitrous oxide problem, Riverside Park Caravan Park.

See also the written minutes.

26 Feb 2019 – Burnham Town Council EXTRAORDINARY Meeting

Includes, in the following order (more or less): Questions from the public, debate regarding Tinker’s Hole Retirement Complex, Planning Application OUT/MAL/18/00443, loss of confidence in ability and willingness of Maldon District Council’s planning officers, letter to this effect, LDP, NDP, Local Development Plan, Neighbourhood Development Plan, Meeting with developers Think Green, Dawn Wood’s successful Atlantic Crossing by rowing (round of applause).

See also the written minutes

19 Feb 2019 – Burnham Town Council Meeting

INCLUDES, in the following order: CAP presentation, Road Safety, Speeding, Death of (former councillor) Jack Sheppard (minute’s silence), Public Questions, safer horse riding, horse riding signage, Town Clerk’s Report, Office rebuild, Highways Report,, bridge chaos, tesco zebra crossing, potholes, Remembrance Avenue junction, upcoming works, Environment Report, Hester Place problems, Neighbourhood Development Plan, 106 agreements, BMX, District Councillors Reports, List of Burnham Heritage ‘worthy of note’, possible restrictions, Tinker’s Hole Retirement Complex controversy, Defibrillator at the Allotments, Carnival – new chair, RYA Junior Championships, Chamber of Commerce, Llys Helig (capsized yacht), Wallasea Island update, Councillor surgeries, Dog bins, Banner over the Bridge, Police, Allotments (progress), Arcadia wild meadow, Tommy Bench, Bus Consultation, Park & Ride Consultation, Railway Bridge Task Force, Disputed bill with MDC, Local Election Purdah – NOTE: Date should be Friday 15th March, Fingerpost signage, Banking Arrangements, Burnham Tourist Office, Tinker’s Hole Retirement Complex controversy – response to MDC, Public Spaces and Dog Poo (they don’t in winter), AOB – Council / Town website, Questions from the public, Railway Task Force constitution, Dashcams and road safety, Tourist Information Office and Burnham Library, 106 agreements – £1.1m for child care provision.

See also the written minutes

08 Jan 2019 – Statutory Burnham Town Council Meeting

INCLUDES: Town Website, Highways, lamposts, 20 mph limits, Environment, Tommy Statue, dog poo bags, irrigated planters, BMX, Burnham Observatory, Volunteers, Cemetery Chapel, Community Action Panel, Road Safety, Crouch Harbour Authority, Llys Helig, Essex Child & Family Well-being, Burnham Cemetery Chapel, Transport rep for MDC, Transport report, Trip hazards on the quay, police support volunteers, Staff matters (held in camera).

See also the written minutes



18 December 2018 – Burnham Town Council Meeting

INCLUDES: Public questions re upcoming agenda, Budget for 2019/2020, Setting the Precept for 2019/2020, and, AFTER 1hr 14 mins, Allotments and MOAT housing, Tommy statue – new location.

See also the written minutes

20 Nov 2018 – Burnham Town Council Meeting

For more details on what was talked about, in what order, click here for the Agenda for this date.

16 Oct 2018 – Statutory Burnham Town Council Meeting

For more details on what was talked about in what order, click here for the Agenda for this date.

See also the written minutes.

18 Sep 2018 – Burnham Town Council Meeting

(INCLUDES: Temp Clerk Jo Jeffrey, new Deputy Clerk (RFO) Diane Carter, Devonshire Road parking, Mayor’s diary, Town cup, Quay Day. Environment report: weeding, litter pick, Hester Place, Sunset Point Observatory, town pontoon, Burnham chapel, Tommy statue, Remembrance Ave trees, tree officer Jean Evans. Highways Report: potholes, streetlights, station car park, Providence Rd car park, St Cuthbert’s sign, Millfields,  Pippins footpath, NDP Neighbourhood development plan printed. District councillors reports. Town Councillor reports: BMX money from 106, Vanguard Restoration Foundation, Crystal Radio, Quay Day,  Maverick and the River Rats, Haul Road, Marsh road access, town calendar. Accounts & Grants. Surgeries. Community Action Panel. Dengie Hundred Group of Parish Councils. Police Specials. Public Forum. Staffing committee. Carnival. Informal planning discussions. Devonshire Road parking. Memorial book. Town Benches and memorial trees. Allotments. Providence Car Park. Station Car Park. Town Mayor’s chain. AOB. Questions: Springfield land sale and the MDC, Maldon & Burnham Standard lose its photographer.)

24 Jul 2018 – Burnham Town Council Meeting


26 Jun 2018 – Burnham Town Council Meeting

See also the written minutes.

29 May 2018 – Burnham Town Council Meeting

See also the written minutes.

24 Apr 2018 – Annual Town Meeting

See also the written minutes.

09 Apr 2018 – Statutory Annual Town Council Meeting (Mayoral Election)

See also the written minutes.

13 Mar 2018 – Burnham Town Council Meeting