Community Special Constables in Burnham

Essex Police is recruiting Special Constables for Burnham.

Special Constables work as uniformed volunteers to help keep the town safe.

Special Constables will:

  • Respond to police-related incidents within Burnham
  • Patrol hot spots identified through police intelligence or which have been deemed to be priority areas
  • Help address local issues and priorities as informed by the town council and police intelligence
  • Be visible and accessible on uniformed, foot or cycle patrol
  • Spend the majority of their time within Burnham
  • Engage with local communities and support further recruitment of Specials
  • Attend relevant town council meetings where available to do so
  • Have regard to the town council’s aims and objectives in their voluntary service
  • Be integrated into a Community Policing Team
  • Start and end their duty as close to their community as possible, potentially from another agency’s premises

If you are interested please click here to submit an application