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NANCY CRISP (1941 – 2018)

Nancy was born in Burnham, the daughter of Ken Whiting, a well known local marine engineer and Joan (better known as Pinne) Whiting a local teacher at St Peter’s High School (now Ormiston). She lived in the town all her life.

Nancy attended Burnham County Primary School and, after passing her 11+, went to Maldon Grammar School, from where she graduated with many ‘O’ and ‘A’ levels.

It was while there that she met her husband to be, Ian Crisp, and they married in 1961.

While Ian commuted to his London job, Nancy spent her time looking after their three children, John, Peter & Cathryn, and their small home in Mill Road, where she was totally happy with the children and numerous animals.

During this early period, Nancy spent what spare time she had writing poetry and short stories, as well as taking up archery, ballet, bell-ringing and art, in addition to being an avid gardener. She was also fascinated by history, bringing it to life for the children.

Nancy was highly intelligent, with an IQ of 150+ and a member of MENSA.

After the children moved on to secondary school she did a number of jobs within the local area, including being a popular barmaid is several local pubs.

She threw herself passionately into everything she did, and this included researching the family’s history, which consumed her for many years, although she also managed to write two biographical books about life with the family’s animals and two and a half Regency novels.

As part of her love for Burnham traditions she entered nearly all Burnham Carnivals in fancy dress and achieved Highest Lady Collector on several occasions.

However, her overarching passion was for her animals and the environment. She fought hard for both, and in wanting to protect her home town and environment from the ravages of development, became a scourge of Maldon District Council, fighting numerous planning applications and questioning the management of Riverside Park.

In later years she suffered from much back pain, but remained cheerful and determined to do as much as she could.

she died in November 2018.