Amy Keeper Jewellery, Studio & Craft

© 2018 Nick Skeens

Amy Keeper is at 86 Station Road.

She sells handmade jewellery and craftwork, some of which she has made herself.

For more, visit her website here.

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Harbour Antiques

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Harbour Antiques is at 7 High Street.

It also has a tea room and a garden, with waterside access via Prior’s Dock.

See also Harbour Tea Rooms.

Tel: (01621) 786 412

The Limes

This vegetable shop also has a little antique shop and museum.

Click here for more details.

The Lovely Shop

This women’s clothing shop also sells gifts.

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Many Things

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Many Things is at 165 Station Road.

Tel: 01621 785103

Springfield Trophies

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Springfield Trophies sells gifts, cards and local newspapers.

It is at 160 Station Road.

Tel: (01621) 785418

Templeman Gallery

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The Templeman Gallery is at 54, High St, opposite the Clock Tower.

Tel: (01621) 786 243